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Famous Movies Parodies Walktrough:


Act 1:

1- Pulp Fiction

2- Ghostbusters                                                    

3- V for Vendetta

4- Titanic

5- The Silence of Lambs

6- Alien vs Predator

7- 2001: Space odyssey

8- Poltergeist

9- Addams Family

10- Psycho

Special Question- Baywatch


Act 2:

11- The Matrix

12- King Kong

13- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

14- The Exorcist

15- American Beauty

16- E.T.

17- Rambo

18- Jaws

19- A Clockwork Orange

20- Back to the Future

Special Question- Two and a Half Men


Act 3:

21- Saturday Night Fever

22- Citizen Kane

23- Flashdance

24- Dr Strangelove

25- Freddy vs Jason

26- Singing in the Rain

27- Lord of the Rings

28- Brave Heart

29- Harry Potter

30- The Planet of the Apes

Special Question- Game of Thrones


Act 4:

31- Indiana Jones

32- The Life of Pi

33- The Seven Year Itch

34- King Kong vs Godzilla

35- Forrest Gump

36- James Bond

37- The Shinning

38- Hanna

39- The Return of the Jedi

40- Kill Bill

Special Question- Friends and SuperFriends

The 3 Stars:

1st Star: The Exorcist

2nd Star: Lord of the Rings

3rd Star: Harry Potter


The 5 hidden Movies:

Yellow Movie: V for Vendetta

Red Movie: Alien vs Predator

Blue Movie: A Clockwork Orange

Purple Movie: Saturday Night Fever

Green Movie: King Kong vs Godzilla

The 5 anwsers for hidden Movies:

Yellow Movie: Beetlejuice

Red Movie: The Ring

Blue Movie: Boyz N Da Hood

Purple Movie: Suicide Squad

Green Movie: The Breakfast Club


This text has made by: FlashSLB

Link for the game:

The game has made by: Munguia


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